Do you feel the need to finish that build with the proper accessories? Laskey Racing stocks all the goodies you will need to control your fuel supply whether you are looking for 20 or 120 pounds of fuel pressure using pump gas, race gas or methanol. Call us for the proper parts. We race the products that we sell and our knowledge and experience will be yours also.

You must have a reliable damper that is capable of properly combating vibrations and twist. Your stock damper, is simply a piece of soft steel that has a rubber ring that has been melted in between another steel ring. The inherent problem with that design is that there is no way to maintain concentricity of the inertia ring during manufacturing. Therefore, the damper has to be machined and balanced after the inertia weight has been bonded to the rubber strip. That means when the outer ring slips you lose your timing marks, damper balance and concentricity! The stock damper works just fine as long as you do not make many changes to the motor, such as HP or RPM. When you start changing those things, you cannot count on your stock damper to do its job. Not to mention if that damper is old and worn out, the outer ring has a good chance of slipping or even separating from the rest of the damper and coming off your engine completely! Through many years of testing and tuning, the O-ring style Elastomer damper has proven to be the best choice for performance applications, especially when high RPM is being applied.
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B Series
$345 shipped
Street Version with removable power steering pully-Shown above
B Series Race
$395 shipped
Race Version with half sized alternator pulley only-Dry sump ready
K Series
$370 Shipped
K Series Race
$430 Shipped
H Series
$395 Shipped
H Series Race
$430 Shipped
S2000 Street Series
$370 shipped